We understand that determining which welding process to use for your project can be difficult. Luckily at SSAF, we are happy to help. Our team is able to work closely with you to deliver your product at the best quality and on time. Our professional welders are able to complete any project you need, from the most delicate aluminium welds to the heaviest pieces of steel. We’ll get it done.

Mig Welding

MIG Welding is one of the most effective ways to weld thick materials together, it is most ideal for production work, for example, furniture and displays as well as industrial components. It is vital to find an experienced welder to perform MIG welding as each metal requires a different proportion of filler material and shielding gases. At SSAF, we invest in teaching our craftsmen to complete even the most challenging welds and products to turn your dream product into reality.

Tig Welding

TIG Welding is a reliable and precise way to connect thinner materials and parts, it is the most ideal process for welding wagons, bike frames, lawn mowers, door handles, fenders, and more.